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healing-movementHealing Movement

As a former yoga and dance studio owner with more than 20 years of dance teaching experience, Tracy is well aware of the healing power of movement, and she has woven this wisdom into her healing practice as she has moved forward on her path.

If you need to “get into your body,” you enjoy moving your body to music, and you need the benefits of being physically active, then Tracy’s movement programs are a great match for you.

Through Zumbini and Inamojo, Tracy intoduces the power of imaginative, grounding movement to littles, as well.  All of our movement modalities are designed to gently balance, align, and bring awareness to the chakra energy system.

Tracy is an accredited Chakradance Facilitator, a licensed Inamojo Instructor, licensed Zumbini Educator, and a National Dance Council of America Certified Dance Instructor.

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Intuitive Studies

All humans have spiritual gifts and are able to connect to their intuition and higher selves. Learning how to access your unique gifts takes a few exercises, some mindful practice, and a deep knowing that you can. The classes in this program will help you unfold your intuitive skills in a light, fun, and loving atmosphere.

Tracy has extensive experience creating and holding sacred, healing space. She is a clairsentient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant channel who facilitates powerful programs designed to enrich the Mind-Body-Spirit connection and empower clients to expand their connection to Source and their higher selves.

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If you are looking for a tribe of like-minded and like-hearted people, please explore our communities.  We have found our “home” as we have surrounded ourselves with people who “get” and love us.  This is one of the most profound and joy-inducing feelings we have experienced, and we’d love to share.
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We are perpetual students and seekers who have melded our knowledge with many years of varied and profound experiences.  We are also natural-born and highly-trained teachers inspired to share with and learn from you.  We are always adding to our curricula, developing ways to teach you how to be a healer yourself, to partner with you as you develop your own psychic and intuitive skills, and to give you a vast toolbox of tools to navigate and appreciate your epathic gifts.

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