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Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Love is the only emotion which has no opposite.  It rises above all others as it both draws us to its light and it powers us forward,  achieving our highest good.  Determination and persistence may eventually make one wealthy, but the path of Love grants abundant outpouring of life’s blessings all along the way. Love heals conflicts as it grants time for resolution and space for peace. Love of self and others is fundamental to the only commandment stated as such in all of Christian faith, and is an essential tenet in every religious or spiritual path.

Sage Wellness Partners serves from a place of Divine Love.  We promise to engage you powerfully in your own life–validating you, supporting you, and honoring your most cherished visions.  The visions residing in your own heart…the ones you can feel in the pit of your stomach…the ones that activate your senses, bringing you joy, love, and healing.