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The Ur Circle

The Ur Circle is our program for Lightworkers.  We know that lightworkers are souls who have incarnated during this exciting time in Earth’s history to help heal the planet and its inhabitants and to facilitate a global transition into higher-vibration living. You have come carrying a sacred contract that includes a specific role in moving Gaia and Her humans into a New Golden Age of embodied enlightenment. We are here to help you walk the way.

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The Psychic Series

Created by a powerfully-gifted and experienced team of lightworkers, healers, and channels to help you unfold your intuitive gifts.  All humans have spiritual gifts and are able to connect to their intuition and higher selves. Learning how to access your unique gifts takes a few exercises, some mindful practice, and a deep knowing that you can. This series will help you unfold your intuitive skills in a light, fun, and loving atmosphere. This is an experiential training with a powerfully gifted and experienced team.
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The Empath Project

Coming Soon!  Tracy King and Bonnie LeBaron are creating a program for empathic people.  Both Bonnie and Tracy are powerful empaths who have discovered the joy of living on Earth as an empath.

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