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We learn very early in life that to be truly authentic feels frightening.  “Being real” often includes facing the uncertainty of removing our masks.  Authenticity asks us to take off those masks–the veneers that we have crafted in an attempt to measure up to various standards of outward appearance and social customs in virtually every situation in life.  We are taught that we are judged by the degree to which we participate in trends in fashion and technology, our vocabulary, and even our accent and inflection.

Much of the “self help” industry is based in keeping you locked into the false notion that something outside of yourself is the key to your happiness, that getting to some new place is far better than where you already are, or that obtaining some extra special bit of information that you currently lack will bring you to a new insight you could not have attained without it.  

We disagree.  We know that the quickest route to happiness, to joy, and to success is the straight line to “most you.” Once you are on this path, you will come to know the feelings that resonate deep within you which will serve to keep you on this path. There is a beacon shining brightly as we venture through the fog of uncertainty over the treacherous sea of life.  That light is our truest self.

We at Sage Wellness Partners are all about supporting you in discovering for yourself that which you already are and have always been.  What is required (and this is very counter-intuitive) is that you release all of those pieces of yourself which you were never meant to carry in the first place.  You’ll run much faster when freed of the burden, see more clearly with the fog removed, and hear more clearly when the noise of the unnecessary fades into the distance.